Be a player of dribbble community but ... how?

by Admin on November 03, 2016

Talking about most popular and one of most favorite platform of every designer called DRIBBBLE.

Everyone known of Dribbble a great platform for graphic designers, logo designers, icon artists, web designers and also illustrators etc. In simple term it is a place for a person with creative mind and skills with Digital Artwork.

After that, All point that we all know the main point is that GET A DRIBBBLE INVITE ... How to make it possible to get drafted on Dribbble?

Here are the most trending concept "HOW TO GET A DRIBBBLE INVITE?"

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Focus On Portfolio
Before starting the game to get dribbble invite you must have a Portfolio. Make a high quality portfolio by showing your awesome skills. You just have to create some of amazing projects and then highlight them with your portfolio to all with social media.

Be a Prospect on Dribbble
After that create your account and become a Dribbble Prospect. After that keep your switcher also ON so that got the attention of Players having invites and by any request by system to get Drafted.

Find Players with Invites
Player, who got Dribbble invites make a announcement with Dribbble Invite Giveaway online that they want to share their invites with talented folks. So it's your time to ROCK. Find players and respond to them. Search with "dribbble invites" "dribbble invite giveaway" and other alike keywords on google, facebook, twitter, linkedin and not to forget about that big thing called Dribbble.

And after that react to their rules and postings show your awesome work on them and if they like your shots/work then.... YOU WILL BE INVITED TO DRIBBBLE.

Be a member on Shot Submission Sites
After above points, also join the communities dedicated to Dribbble like and etc. and show your serious will to get drafted to dribbble by submitting your best shot.

In this way, you also get visibility on internet looking for dribbble invite. If the community have invite then they gives you by choosing your shot or any player with invite will give you invite if he/she like your shot .

At last, by following above mentioned methods you definitely get Dribbble Invite or from the other view you get visibility online and also get the attention of Dribbble community's players Attention.

"NOW it's on you, Dribbble invite Give it or Get it"

- Don't be rude to Dribbble audience.
- Don't act weird like "check me out, Please Give a invite, give me invite because" or like that just show your TALENT and SKILLS.
- Get updated with your work and skills. Don't get upset if you do not get invite.

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